• About the Farm

    Llamas became a part of our life in the mid-nineties when we were looking for farm animals that were easy to maintain.  Debi had raised livestock all her life and with a Masters in genetics was intrigued with the various traits one could select for in llamas.

    Showing began in 1998 with a small group of 49er’s who got the bug to show in a larger venue, and we produced the 1999 ALSA National Grand Champion, Cabernet’s Pinot Blanc.  Selecting for a fiber with minimal scale and crimp has created our “silky” llamas.  The llamas were named after wine and wine varieties in an effort to compromise with Richards’s viticulture background.

    Goats were added to the farm in 1998 as a way to provide high quality market animals to the local FFA and 4-H communities.  The goats are Purebred Boers and selected specifically for the youth show rings.  Keeping our prices reasonable has allowed the youth in Hood River to not only have fun, but also make a profit on their animals.  Most recently, Debi has taken a job in Maryland and purchased a small farm in West Virginia relocating the llamas and goats to Inwood, West Virginia.

  • Our Location

    Inwood, West Virginia