Boer Goats


Starting with a small herd of Boer cross does along with fullblood bucks, we have gradually developed an outstanding group of production goats. Our does are carefully selected for mothering ability, ability to produce outstanding market animals and milk production.  We strive to have does that can easily raise triplets, minimizing bottle babies.

Our goats have consistently won their classes and have gone on to be Reserve and Grand Champions at numerous fairs. Over the past 5 years, all the does have gone to the “North 40” to spend the summer growing fat on brush with no supplements except free choice minerals. Kids are generally born in January in order to service the 4H and FFA shows.  Many of our does are sired by Capriole bucks with our most recent group being daughters or granddaughters of RER Chunky.  We also have purebred and full blood doelings for sale every year.